Friday, 8 February 2013

Monster BMX Stickers

BMX bikes are available in different designs, colors and types. Each type has been created to serve different functions and to provide maximum comfort for each rider. BMX bikes have been around for decades, but its popularity is steadily increasing.

If you like BMX stickers and have had one for years, it is likely that he was bored with the color of his BMX bike. Sometimes, you can hear the bike frame BMX seems too normal with the old kernel. However, there are always options. You can customize the framework of stickers and labels, or you can redesign to get personalized look that will surely make your bike stand out when you ride.

Here are some simple steps to help you paint the frame BMX bike:

Step 1: To remove the old paint, use normal sandpaper. You must remove the old paint from the old bike to create a surface for painting perfectly fine. This is an important requirement to start painting the frame BMX custom stickers and get amazing results. Each part must be completely removed. While strippers are available in different shops, some people still prefer to use sandpaper as it can give the best results. Remember that you need to get the most out of your old paint from the motorcycle and remove scratches from your bike.

Step 2: Use cardboard behind the property in which you are drawing the frame BMX bike. One is able to remove the color from the BMX frame stickers by sticker printing, then all you have to do is remove the smallest part. Make sure everything is clean before painting and use a cardboard or anything that is harder than paper when painting the bike to keep the paint on the wall or on the floor. At this point, you can customize paint colors and choose the one you like. Aerosol paint can use normal work. In this case, make sure that the paint you have in your hands is a few inches of his BMX bicycle parts or frame.

Step 3: To get the best effect of the painting and vinyl sticker printing, you need to paint your bike a couple of times. Before applying the paint on a new layer, you need to wet sand the parts that have an uneven application of paint for best results.

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